Totally Board – the name for 2 Wheel Boards

Totally Board – the name for 2 Wheel Boards

The production and retail All Terrain 2 Wheel Boards has officially started in the UK making the brand Totally Board the name for 2 Wheel Boards.

We have teamed up with Australian inventor Demetrias Rejtano and his son Utah to make these fantastic boards available in retail markets all over the world.

2 Wheel Boards have already been very well received Social Media with millions of views across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Social giants like ‘People Are Awesome,’ ‘Sick Chirpse’ and ‘Extreme’ have already got in on the action with many high profile YouTubers getting involved with reviews as well.

We have also had pre-production promotional enquiries from the likes of British GQ, MediaCityUK and the action sport website and our plan is to run an aggressive marketing campaign now the UK retail division is officially open for business.

So go ahead and spread the word – Totally Board is the name for ALL things 2 Wheel Board …

And if you’re based outside the UK then do not fear – the International Trade Team at Totally Board are hot on negotiations as we write with possible retailers and distributors worldwide to make Totally Board the name for 2 Wheel Boards in your neck of the woods as well.

Watch this space to find a retailer near you very soon.

Want to see our 2 Wheels in action?

Of course you do!

Simply visit our YouTube Channel to see mind blowing clips of them in action,

including a ‘2 Wheel Masterclass’ from Utah Rejtano – the best 2 Wheel Boarder in the world right now.

Or take a look at the clips below for a quick taster right here and now before you buy your 2 Wheel All Terrain Board today.

And finally please share this post with your friends and help reinforce Totally Board as the name for 2 Wheel Boards

Remember – Sharing is Caring Guys!

See you next time.

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