British isles 2Wheel Board with Totally Red Bindings
British isles 2Wheel Board with Totally Red Bindings British-Isles4 British Isles 2Wheel Board With Red Bindings Totally Board British Isles 2Wheel Board With Red Bindings front view IMG_6076XL IMG_6073XL IMG_6096XL IMG_6104XL British Isles 2Wheel Board With Red Bindings British isles 2Wheel Totally Board with Totally Red Bindings BINDINGSTHUMBXL Totally Blue Totally Black Totally Red Wheels Bisleswithbluebindings2XL Bisleswithbluebindings5XL

2 Wheel Board with Bindings – British Isles – Hydro Dipped


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2 Wheel Board with Bindings – British Isles – Hydro-Dipped

Totally unique from Totally Board!!

Our 2 Wheel All Terrain Boards really are a fresh and unique new toy for those who like the ‘thrill of the ride.’

Whatever type of ‘boarding’ discipline you’re into we’re sure you’ll relish the challenge of mastering one of our 2 Wheel Boards.

Rotational Moulding:

We’ve had the rotational mould that delivers the unusually shaped 2 Wheel made totally unique to us.

The boards themselves are then moulded using state of the art Sorcerer Clam Shell moulding machines which allows us to offer an end product with uniform wall thickness for maximum strength and integrity.

Dimensions of Board:

Length: 92cm

Highest Height (ie top of wheel arch): 9cm

Width: 22cm.

Weight: 2.7kg

The Metal Works:

Wheel Bolts:

These are made from High Tensile (A4/80) Stainless Steel for maximum strength.

Wheel Spacers:

These are made from aluminium alloy 6082 in T6 (the same alloy as used in many motorbike spacers!)


The Wheels:

Tyre size: 200 x 50 (CM)

Max inflation: 80PSI

Tyre Material: Natural rubber

Inner Tyre Material: Butyl Rubber Inner Tube

Tyre Figure: Off Road

Baring Inner Diameter: 15mm

Baring Outer Diameter: 30mm

Bearing Model: 6002RS

Hub Material: Nylon + Alloy

Screw: M4*38

Weight: 0.6KG

Max Load: 120KG

The Bindings:

One size fits all!

The base plate on our bindings extends and retracts meaning you can adjust it to fit any foot size.

They are made to snowboarding specifications from a combination of tough aluminium and nylon parts they will serve you proud no matter how hard you ride!

They are attached to the 2 Wheel Board by a set of six screw fastenings and have a n adjustable plate so you can set the binding on the board to your preferred riding angle.

Weight: 1.3kg



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