Absolutely love this invention!! Looking at getting one soon …” – Ben-Oh Roberts

Just LOVE our 2wheels !! Everyone should get into this !! Soooo much FUN !!Amazing quality!!” – Treen Queen

Damn these are cool, would save a trip to the snow!” – Liam Anthony

Buy 2 Wheel Boards from Totally Board – a lifestyle, not just a brand …

Totally Board has arrived and we’re causing a storm with our revolutionary new 2 Wheel Boards.

After 20 years development and a lot of sweat and tears we’ve finally bought you the next big thing.

With inflatable wheels you can pretty much glide over any surface from pavements and half pipes to grass and gravel – our 2 Wheel Boards even glide like a dream on the beach!

Each and every one is aerodynamically shaped and specially moulded in high-spec rotation moulds to allow you to pop flips and tricks to your heart’s content for years to come.

“Feel like your skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding all in one ride.”

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